About Bonaventure

At Bonaventure of Thornton, you’ll find more than just beautiful, spacious suites and charming communities. You’ll find a place that feels like home and friends who feel like family. The communities we build, amenities we provide, and programs we design are all inspired by our belief that you should enjoy retirement on your terms. The culture we’ve created here is one of respect for who you are and what matters to you—along with an appreciation for your stories and accomplishments.

Strengthening Your Bond
Bonaventure began in 1999 with a simple idea: provide an amazing but simplified retirement and assisted living life for seniors through innovation and a caring, compassionate team. We believe that every senior deserves a retirement that gives them the freedom to do what they want. We provide care for those that need it, without limiting independence.

It’s Actually Not About Us

You’ll quickly learn that it’s not actually about us. We center all we do around the health and happiness of our residents. This commitment is the inspiration behind our focus on creating an exceptional lifestyle for all of our residents. However, we know that everyone’s idea of perfection is different and changes over time. Our agility and flexibility as a team allow us to evolve as a company, make changes that are right for each location, and respond quickly to our residents’ needs and wishes.

Some call it above and beyond.
At Bonaventure, we call it Retirement Perfected.